◇Health Orientated Activities and Events 
First aid training is held on a regular basis to prepare our students to be able to respond appropriately to any occurring injuries. We also organize many activities in relation to basic health care to promote a sense of health and hygiene amongst our faculty and students.
◇Health Management of Students, Faculty and Staff
 NTU Hospital conducts health checkups on all new and transfer students for free. Then we will follow up on individuals with significant health problems to ensure that any further health care is properly provided.
◇Medical Services
 We provide all medical care services to our faculty staff and students. Proper referrals will be provided if further care is necessary.
 ◇Urgent Medical Services
Urgent medical services are provided on campus, or an immediate transfer to the appropriate medical services on standby for proper medical care.
◇Control of Infectious Diseases
We are always on watch to control the spread of infectious diseases in order to provide a healthy, and safe learning environment on campus.

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