Our university has been informed that a person from our school has received a confirmed diagnosis of measles.

Our university has been informed by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that a person from our school has received a confirmed diagnosis of measles. Health Center already notified teachers and students who have contacted the person to make online reports; pay attention to their physical status; and immediately go to the hospital in case of finding symptoms thereof. By taking this opportunity, Health Center would also like to remind all teacher and students that an epidemic of measles already appeared around the world. In case of finding any symptoms thereof, such as rash, fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis, eye photophobia, tearing and red eyes, please take disease prevention measures as follows:
  1. Go to the “NTU Website for Disease Control” to report your case online.
Select the “reporting” in the left column on the front page → Register yourself with the account and password of Computer and Information Networking Center (C&INC) → select “Measles” for the “Type of Report” andthen “Reporting a case of having contact with the patient” → please fill other fields as detailed as possible.
  1. Register yourself at the Health Center for medical treatment. The doctor will check your health status and give health education. When having an outpatient service, please wear a mask and inform the doctor of where you have been visited and actively cooperate with the doctor to take disease preventive measures.
If you do not have any symptom of measles and desire to inject the three-in-one MMR vaccine at your cost, please note that the Health Center do not have any vaccine. Please go to the CDC official website to find a hospital or institution on the list that provides the service.
The health education for measles is as follows:
  1. Knowing about Measles
Measles is a viral disease that has strong infection power. It can spread through the air and droplet particles, or the patients’ nasopharyngeal secretion. Common symptoms thereof are: fever, rash, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, cough and spots in oral cavity after having a fever for 3-4 days (koplik spots). Those with serious symptoms can also suffer from otitis media, pneumonia or encephalitis.
  1. People of the High-Risk Group
  1. Those who were not injected with the vaccine, whose history of vaccines is unclear, or who do not have measles antibody;
  2. Infants below the age of measles vaccine or who fail to inject the measles vaccine according to the schedule;
  3. Medical personnel;
  4. Those who travelled measles epidemic areas or often go overseas to travel, visit relatives and work.
  1. How to prevent yourself from being infected by measles:
Inject the measles, mumps and rubella three-in-one vaccine (MMR vaccine) is the most effective preventive measure. You can go to the Health Center to register yourself for treatment; and the doctor will evaluate your conditions and decide whether you can inject the vaccine.
  1. Preventive measures for those who have contacted the measles patients:
By injecting MMR vaccine within 72 hours or intramuscular immunoglobulin (IMIg) within 6 days after contacting the measles patient, you may be able to prevent the happening of measles.
Health Center, Office of Student Affairs cares about you.
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