Special Notice for Health Examination Report
Oct.15, 2011
1.What indicated in the <health examination report> were items with
   abnormal results or items with levels beyond the reference value.
   The doctor who made the overall comments might give you some
   precautions and suggestions subject to your examination result. If
   there was any item with abnormal result, further examination and
   follow-up are strongly suggested in order to avoid delayed
2.The itemized respective reference range and comments were for
   reference only. Please do NOT self-diagnose accordingly. The
   examination results which didn’t not fall within the normal range
   were sometimes due to physiological phenomenon. They were not
   necessarily abnormal, and needed to be coupled with other
   supplementary information in order to make a correct diagnosis.
3.The items in the health examination could cover the most common
   diseases only, and every examination had its limit. Lots of diseases
   were unable to be discovered by ordinary screening. Therefore, if t
   here is any discomfort, you should visit a doctor for further
   treatment. Even if the health examination didn’t report any
   abnormalities, you should still properly keep your <health
   examination report> for reference in the future.
4.This health examination didn’t screen any psychological or mental
   diseases. If there are any problems regarding anxiety, depression,
   insomnia, maladjustment, or drug addiction, you may visit the
   psychological counseling at the school first, or make an appointment
   in the psychiatric clinic. If you are not sure whether the symptoms
   are related to mental or physical illness, you may visit a doctor who
   specializes in family medicine to make a tentative diagnosis.
   Depending on individual situations, you may be referred to a
   psychiatrist for evaluation.
Varied Health Examination Result Description
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