NTU Health Center Announcement (updated Oct 5, 2021)

NTU Health Center Announcement (updated Oct 5, 2021)

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has just made adjustment to the pandemic related regulations. NTU Health Center will take the following preventive measures starting from Oct 5, 2021.

A Screening station is set up at the entrance. All people who enter NTU Health Center must wear medical face masks (self-prepared) at all times, use hand sanitizers, be taken ear temperature, fill in the TOCC (travel, occupation, contact, and cluster) surveys, and pass the National Health Insurance card check.

Only patients and visitors for official purposes in person are allowed to enter NTU Health Center. If the patient has difficulty in ambulating or managing him/herself on his/her own, a one-man companion is allowed to enter with the patient. Visitors for official purposes who have difficulty in ambulating/managing themselves should engage other people to visit NTU Health Center on behalf of them.

Adjustment to out-patient services: Normal out-patient clinical services will resume in the 110-1 semester.

Health education activities and First-aid training will mostly be held on-line.

First-aid service will continue during office hours. The medical emergency hotline is 33669595.

For questions regarding pandemic prevention and management, please contact the school physicians by 33662156.

Note: All preventive measures will constantly be adjusted in accordance with the pandemic situation.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!!

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